'[' and ']' Mappings for the Command Mode


Some of the following mappings use <localleader> key before the mapping itself. It is backslash '\' by default. You can, however, change it to any other key in your ~/.vimrc file. For example to change it to a comma ',', insert the following line

let maplocalleader = ","

and run :source ~/.vimrc to make it effective.

From now on, I assume you have re-mapped the <localleader> to a comma character , :-)

<!-- some commented | text -->
the same text no longer commented|removes <!-- --> delimiters and puts the cursor at the end of the text
<!-- some commented | text -->
|removes the whole <!-- --> section
go to the previous opening tag
go to the next opening tag
go to the previous closing tag
go to the next closing tag
go to the next comment
go to the previous comment
jump to the beginning of the matching opening/closing tag