Import Foreign Vocabulary

Vim uses its own language related spell checker dictionary. This section helps you use your own custom dictionary (originally an Aspell format) and turn it into Vim spelling wordlist.

  1. Get a custom list of words, each word on a separate line. For Aspell dictionary suse_aspell.rws residing in the /usr/share/daps/lib directory, use the following command:

    aspell dump master -l suse_aspell.rws --dict-dir=/usr/share/daps/lib > ~/.vim/spell/suse.utf-8.add

    The wordlist will be saved to .vim/spell/suse.utf-8.add in your home directory.

  2. Convert the new wordlist into the Vim compatible format.

    :mkspell! ~/.vim/spell/suse.utf-8.add
  3. Specify the new dictionary for use with Vim.

    :set spellfile=~/.vim/spell/suse.utf-8.add